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First of its kind

Flag Capture is the first F.O.R.M.M.I.N.T.© powered App

All together

All players from around the world are called to run for the flag.

The horde

Imagine thousands of mobile players receiving the same notification at the same time, running against one another.

The fastest and precisest wins

The first player to quickly open the notification and precisely tap 10 times the run button will be crowned "The Captor".

The Captor

The Captor's name and insignia will be shown to all the players of the world.

The teams

Create teams and invite your friends to increase your chances of winning.

The number

You are assigned a number and will run only when it's called.

A new game experience

You have already played all the games of building, shooting and fast tapping out there.
Flag Capture will bring you a new experience of gaming thanks to the F.O.R.M.M.I.N.T.© technology.
Play vs all the world at the same istant. Only the best will win.

  • You, against all the world.
  • Thousands of players at the same second in the same match.
  • Iphone and Android players all together.
  • The Captor shows his glory to the whole world until he's beaten.

The game

  • After logging in with your Facebook account (required), you will be assigned a random number from 1 to 5.
  • At random times during the day, a Notification is sent to players of all around the globe.
  • Each notification marks the start of a new run for the Flag.
  • Each race will randomly extract one number from 1 to 5 ( the same for all the players).
  • If the extracted number matches your number, you run!
  • To get the flag, you need to tap on the Run button PRECISELY 10 times.
  • If you're the fastest and precisest, you get the flag and become The Captor.
  • The Captor, his insignia and team are for the whole world to see until a new worldwide race is held again.

Watch it!

We realized this simple video to make you a quick overview of the gaming entertaiment of our application.

The community

We want to connect and engage continuously with our players

Real Gifts

We are planning to deliver physical gifts to our Captors for when they win a game or reach a prefixed score. Gifts could go from t-shirts to electronics and we plan to deliver them worldwide. Keep in touch to know when we'll start delvering the rewards.


We would love to receive a thousand feedback per day. All critics. No - just kidding we would explode - but we want to engage with players as much as possible and will use our Facebook Page as our main mean of public communication.

How it looks

Only true screenshots - no editing!

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